Show Team




The Birons Show Team of Houston for 2017 and 2018 tryout results are in!

Thank you to all of our athletes for trying out, and congratulations to the girls who made it.

Accepted Athletes:

  1. Emmaline Arntz
  2. Morgan Patillo
  3. Nevaeh Boutista
  4. Imen Boumedien
  5. Brianna Juandoo
  6. Mykaela Lawson-Ho
  7. Rachel Rivera
  8. Elizabeth Chamberlain
  9. Elaine Seel
  10. Courtney Whittaker
  11. Alexann Fowler
  12. Bridget Roth
  13. Julia Paull
  14. Gianna Avila
  15. Ana-Paulina Munoz-Ledo
  16. Reece Krosby
  17. Elyse Carlson

For those of you that didn’t make the team please don’t be discouraged! Stay enrolled in classes to keep your skills up!