Tumbling at Birons

Whether your athlete wants to train before tryouts, perfect their technique, or learn that one skill they’ve always wanted to do, Birons tumbling is a purposeful, progression based program for beginner through elite athletes. 


6 - 12 years

[mpc_textblock content_width=”100″]Athletes who have their roundoff enter our beginner level and begin work on more advanced running and standing tumbling skills such as back walk overs, hand stand forward rolls, back extension rolls, and power hurdle skills. (USAG 1-4)



K-12th Grades

[mpc_textblock content_width=”100″]Athletes move to Intermediate once they have mastered their back handspring. Classes focus on running series tumbling and connection skills in continuous succession. Work on inversion and core strength is emphasized. (USAG level 5-6)[/mpc_textblock]


K-12th Grades

[mpc_textblock content_width=”100″]Athletes with a unspotted layout move to Advance tumbling, where twisting saltos and upper level front tumbling is taught with a focus on solid progressions, repetition, and refining our fine and gross motor skill control. (USAG level 7-10)[/mpc_textblock]



Competitive Tumbling competes in USAG Trampoline and Tumbling levels 2-10. Althetes will compete in any or all of the following: Power Tumbling, Double Mini-Tramp, and Olympic Trampoline. A strong focus on technique, precision, and power is emphasized at all levels. 

Athletes must be evaluated before being placed on the Birons T&T Team


Our goal at Birons is to make sure your child starts in the proper class. Schedule your child’s first class with our professional staff and we’ll provide recommendations specifically for your child.