Where learning grows and play begins

Your child deserves a purposeful, well-rounded, and engaging education that aligns to state standards. At Sprouts, our nationally-accredited curriculum doesn’t just teach skills, we bring those lessons to life through creative and stimulating learning spaces, diverse and engaging themes, and – most of all – fun! 

Hello! My name is Taylor Reilly


I’m honored to be the Sprouts Preschool Academy Director at Birons Youth Sport Center. As a Certified EC-6 Texas Teacher, I am a huge proponent for Early Childhood Education and preparing children for their unique journeys ahead. Before having taught both Kindergarten and 1st grade in the Texas public school system, I have experience teaching in California for Kindergarten in a public school holding the most upper level teaching certification, Master Teacher, Site Supervisor Permit. It is my belief that all children should be given the opportunity to learn in a way that suits them best, with educators who tailor their learning styles to best fit the needs of the children. With teaching experience in many different areas and locations, I have seen that with the right educator, the most effective form of learning is found in the learn through play philosophy where children are able to fall in love with the learning process and are given the opportunity to find their individuality. I look forward to meeting, teaching,
loving, and growing with your little Sprout!

When your child enjoys learning, it makes all the difference in the world!

The Sprout’s well-rounded learning box curriculum aligns to N.A.E.Y.C and Head Start education requirements and correlates to Texas Pre-K and Kindergarten T.E.K.S.

The Birons Difference

We started Sprouts simply because we wanted nothing but the best place to send our kids.

That meant creating a program unlike any other.

The Environment

Learn, grow and play with access to the 32,000 square foot Birons Youth Sports Center, including:

– The Enchanted Castle
– The Jungle Classroom
– The Foam Pit
– The Ninja Zone

The Extra Curriculars

Your Sprouts tuition includes a free weekly Birons class, taking place during your chid’s day with us.

– Gymnastics
– Cheer
– Ninja Zone

Stop by to tour our Jungle Classroom!